The basic test below (click on “GO”) tests upload and download internet speeds as well as the quality and performance of your connection. Use the dropdown menu at the bottom to test to Skyway West or other servers close to you.

You can also test directly to Skyway West at the Speedtest main page.

For ADSL speed tests, please realize the speed test statistics will report data transferring at about 85% of the speed your ADSL service sync’s up at. The remaining 15% is used by control information, also known as overhead, that ensures data packets go where they are supposed to, and in the correct order. Overhead also applies to wireless and fibre connections; cable access speeds are typically quoted after accounting for overhead.


We want to make sure you understand the results of your research. The following points help it all make sense.

Internet speeds are generally quoted in Megabits per second and download/upload speeds are generally measured in Kilobytes per second. To convert Megabits to Kilobytes, convert 1 Megabit to 1000 Kilobytes and divide by 8 bits in a byte.

1 Mbps is 125.0 KB/second

5.0 Mbps is 625.0 KB/second

6.0 Mbps is 750.0 KB/second

15.0 Mbps is 1875.0 KB/second

25.0 Mbps is 3125.0 KB/second

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