Work with us to maximize the value of your internet connection.

Business Network Solutions

Skyway West engineers will work with you to maximize the value of your internet connection. Combine internet access services — from us or any other provider — and we’ll optimize your network to take advantage of each connection. In the event of service interruption, fail over while maintaining the same IP. Boost the speed and reliability of your broadband and add no loss SD-WAN Failover by bonding multiple services. Work with our networking experts to design a managed Private Network, with the option to move your servers to the cloud in one of three Skyway Colocation facilities.

SD-WAN Failover

Order two different Internet access services and fail over from one to the other. Separate your traffic to take advantage of the bandwidth and attributes of each service. Unlike other solutions, Skyway delivers both inbound and outbound Failover.

SD-WAN Bonded Internet

Multiply your speed and reliability by bonding Internet access services provided by Skyway or other ISPs into a single connection sharing one IP address block. Critical services like VoIP and VPN remain online if one service drops.

Virtual Private Networks

Add firewall protection across all locations for just $30/month per site. Build Private Networks to block DDoS attacks and to securely share data and applications between sites and remote users. Customers choose their own private IPs.

MPLS, Mesh & Dedicated Networks

Custom build an MPLS, Mesh or Dedicated Network for site to site data. This traffic does not pass through the public Internet or through Skyway’s servers, resulting in the highest level of security and performance.

Physical Colocation

Skyway West offers three colocation choices in Vancouver with direct connections to Skyway’s network: limited space in the 555 West Hastings Street “Meet Me Room” for those interconnecting with other ISPs, entry-level colocation at 200 Burrard (Waterfront Centre) and brand new state-of-the-art facilities at 1050 West Pender (Cologix).

Other Skyway West Solutions

Skyway customers can choose from a full complement of standard internet services, including Domain, DNS, Email and Virtual Hosting solutions. Receiving all your internet services from a single source provider means the best connection between services and the highest level of integrated support. When you choose Skyway, all of your data is securely stored in Canada.

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