Take advantage of Skyway's expertise with all access technologies

Business Internet Access

Your internet connection is a foundation of your business success. Skyway has expertise in all Internet Access technologies, which is great for multi-location businesses with various access requirements and availability. We deliver Business-class DSL, High-Speed Cable, Pure Fibre and Symmetrical Full Duplex Fibre, while keeping everything on one network. We also provide Fixed Wireless broadband services. Choose Skyway and you and your customers will get exactly what you expect and deserve: reliable, high-performance Business Internet, without disruptions caused by network congestion and downtime.

Premium Fibre

Skyway Fibre and other Premium Internet Access Services are perfect for companies requiring guaranteed download and upload speeds, the best technical solution and highest level of customer support.

Skyway's Managed Pure Fibre

We take Pure Fibre and engineer a managed, business-class SD-WAN with speeds to 940 Mbps, direct peering with independent ISPs, unlimited traffic, policy routing and traffic analysis, and an availability SLA if you choose Failover.

High-speed Business ADSL

Skyway West delivers multi-featured, managed DSL for business, with unlimited data. We focus our expertise on your business Internet requirements, prioritizing DNS, VoIP and RDP traffic on our network.

Enterprise-level Cable

Speed + Quality. Our Cable service delivers blazingly fast speed as well as Skyway technical excellence. Business can now enjoy high speed access with permanent static IP addresses for a fast, reliable, managed Internet connection.

Wireless Internet

Skyway West provides Business Class Fixed Wireless broadband services in speeds from 1 Mbps to 100 Mbps and higher. Our serving area currently covers the BC Lower Mainland and 17 cities from Montreal to Victoria.

A Security-Hardened Network

We are an Internet Access and Solutions company, not a Security company. Nevertheless we believe business deserves a network that is hardened against threats, and include in all our Access offerings several layers of security notification.

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