1. What is wrong?
    • Can you browse www.skywaywest.com?
    • If YES your modem/router is connected to the Internet. Go to Step 4.
    • If NO go to Step 2.
    • Can you browse www.skywaywest.com but not some other specific web site?
    • Either the server you are attempting to access is slow or not responding, or there is congestion between Skyway and your destination.
    • Check the Internet Traffic Report to determine if your problems are global or local
  2. You Can’t Browse www.skywaywest.com!
    • Check that all cable connections are securely seated in the sockets:
    • incoming telephone jack to the filter
    • filter to the modem/router
    • modem/router to the ethernet card or hub
    • power cord from the back of the modem/router to the electrical wall or power-bar outlet
    • Is the Alert light off (OK), or flashing red (indicating trouble)
    • Is the ADSL Status Light green (Telus line OK), yellow (line congestion or difficulty), red (no line signal), flashing green rhythmically (difficulty communicating with the network), or off (no line signal)
    • Is the LAN Status Light flashing green (OK, indicates data is flowing from the computer to the modem/router), or off (no data flow) NOTE: routers have four LAN ports and status indicators. If you are using only one or two, the unused port status indicators will be off (OK)
  3. Trouble indicated in Step 2
    • Re-boot the modem or router by unplugging it from the electrical outlet on the wall NOT from the back of the modem or router, wait 30 seconds, plug the power cord back in and wait for at least one minute for the modem or router to initialize on the network, and wait up to another minute for the ADSL Status Light indicator to come on. Sometimes it may be necessary to re-boot the modem or router two or three times if there is difficulty initializing on the network.
    • If rebooting restores connectivity, go to Step 4.
    • If trouble is still indicated, call Skyway Customer Support at 604 482 1212 for further troubleshooting assistance.
  4. If Status Lights Indicate Connectivity
    • NO Alert light
    • ADSL status light is green
    • Try to ping the router or modem IP address to test connectivity using:
      • Windows: Start, Programs, MSDOS Prompt and at the command line type
        “ping xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx” (x’s being your router IP)
      • MAC OSX: select “Applications”, “Utilities”, open “Terminal” and enter “ping xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx” (x’s being your router IP).
    • If you CAN ping, you have connectivity. If you CANNOT ping, check for internal network set-up, i.e., Proxy, Exchange, Firewall, that may be causing the blockage.
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