Service Charges

1. Customer Equipment & Network Re-Configuration

A. Equipment Purchase or Re-configuration*

*Requests made within the first 30 days of service are not chargeable

Purchase Equipment Price
Routerboard RB750Gr3 (hEX) $150
Routerboard RB4011iGS+RM, RB5009UPr+S+IN or similar router $299
Routerboard RB912R-2nD-LTm cellular router $350
Cable Modem $150
DSL router $150
Service Price
IP Modifications – Add/delete/modify IP addresses $75
Configuration $75
Open/close ports $75
Restocking Fee to replace equipment (after 90 days) $75
Shipping (Admin Fee) $75 plus material and courier costs

B. Network Re-configuration

Service Price
Service Upgrade – Increase Speed FREE
Service Downgrade – Decrease Speed $75
VLAN – Change from Public to Private Network $150/site

C. Site visit

Service Price
One hour minimum charge $149
Wiring Runs (time and material)
Network Configuration (by quote)

D. Moves

Service Price
Configuration and Shipping $99
Install $149
New ADSL set-up fee $75
Dry loop set-up fee $75
10 day Service-Over-Lap
(equipment configuration, rental and 2nd service for ten days)

E. Hosted PBX, SIP channels and Microsoft Direct Routing Moves, Adds, Changes, Deletions

Service Charge
Labour – On-Site (min 2 hr. charge)
Examples: Hardware installation, On-site Software changes, troubleshooting, Network installs
$175/ Hour
Labour – Remote (charged in Quarter Hour Increments)
Examples: Remote installs/software changes, Adding/Deleting Users, Call Forwarding, Directory Listings, Vanity Searches, etc.
$35/ Quarter Hour
On-Site Materials
Examples: CAT 5 Cable, Data Rack, Data 24 Port Patch Panel, etc.
Quote Required

2. Email Modifications

Service Price
Add/delete accounts FREE

3. Billing Changes

Service Price
Admin Fee for Service Upgrade FREE
Admin Fee for Service Downgrade $35

4. Colocation Services

A. Escorted Access and Remote Hands

Service Price
Between 1 pm and 5 pm PST Tuesday $85/hour. Minimum 1 hour
8 am to 6 pm Weekdays (outside 1 pm to 5 pm Tuesday) $400/visit (includes 2 hours travel and 1 hour of work) plus $85/hour
6 pm to 8 am daily. $400/visit (includes 2 hours travel and 1 hour of work) plus $150/hour

B. Cross Connects

Service Non-Recurring Charge
Letter of Authorization (LOA) $75
Book Electrician and LOA $150
Electrician Cabling within 6B Meet-me Room $300/pair
Electrician Cabling between 6A, 6B, 6C and 5 Meet-me rooms* $550/pair
Remove Cross-connect $220 (billed in advance)
Service Monthly Recurring Charge
Between Skyway cabinets in 6B Meet-me Room $25
Within 6B Meet-me Room $100
Between 6A, 6B or 6C and 5 Meet-me Rooms* $125
Between 6A, 6B and 6C Meet-me Rooms* $175

5. Emergency LTE Service

Service One-time Charge Monthly Charge
LTE router set up & shipping $99
LTE service, including Sim Card, first 2 Gigabytes (each additional $15/GB/month) $39

*between any two rooms in the Harbour Centre Complex including the Spencer building at 399 Richards St