President’s Message

Thank you for your interest in Skyway West. We are a privately owned company founded in 1996 to provide businesses the benefits of high speed Internet access normally only available to large businesses.

Originally we specialized in connecting LAN’s to the Internet using 128 kbps ISDN lines. Our customers often hosted their own mail server and found it more economical to share a single ISDN connection than use multiple dial-up services.

In 1999, we recognized ADSL as a superior service for business customers and that we could dramatically improve it despite the necessity of wholesaling part of the service from Telus. Our Business Class Managed ADSL service significantly improved the reliability of the technology by using static IP addresses, superior customer premise equipment and connecting to multiple upstream providers.

Our support was more experienced, more responsive and we helped customers manage their bandwidth and avoid Internet vandalism. In addition to hosting mail, web and ftp servers, our customers either hosted or connected to business application servers using private networks. Businesses networking multiple sites to connect VPN’s or Internet phone services found our network performed better than others.

Today, we help businesses achieve the benefits of high speed networking supported by reliable connections and connect businesses either directly, or through the Internet, using ADSL, Fiber and Wireless technologies. We are honoured to partner with many LAN integrators and telephone interconnects to bring the benefits of networking to companies of all sizes. We have a proven alternative solution for you.

Businesses will continue to realize significant benefits from connecting their data networks, telephone systems and business processes. Our commitment is to evolve in a manner that helps ensure our customer’s success.







Bill Campbell