Skyway Business Fibre Compared to TELUS PureFibre™

Not all Fibre is created equal. Sure, TELUS PureFibre™ is great for residential use. But watching movies at home isn’t the same as managing a business network. Businesses depend on sufficient, stable and secure bandwidth for real time communication with customers, employees and cloud services without downtime.

Upgrade that TELUS residential-grade service to Skyway business class, by adding our IP and management tools to your existing TELUS contract or included with Pure Fibre provided by Skyway.

Our Skyway Managed Pure Fibre — when combined with SD-WAN Failover, Multiple IPs per MAC Address per Port, Policy Routing and QoS — provides many of the benefits of Dedicated Fibre at a much lower cost. See the table below.
  • Multiple IPs per MAC Address per port allow more then one IP address to be assigned to a single device. For example, a single firewall can use 2 different IP addresses, one IP for port forwarding web traffic to Exchange Webmail and another IP for forwarding web traffic to a web server.
  • Direct Peering with independent ISPs and content providers (e.g., connect to Microsoft 365 and Azure in Vancouver).
  • Moveable IPs allows IP address transfer between sites and providers.
  • Availability SLA with Failover.
  • Free DNS Firewall powered by CIRA compares every outgoing query and response to a block list of IP addresses known for hosting malware. Blocks botnets, malware and optional content filtering.
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Business Level Differences

  Skyway Dedicated Fibre Skyway Managed Pure Fibre Telus PureFibre™
Health and Usage Customer Portal
Availability SLA 99.999% (with Skyway Failover)
Dedicated, Private Connection to Cloud Services
Direct Peering with Independent ISPs
Traffic Analysis
Unlimited Traffic (on some services)
Inbound Static IP Failover
Outbound Static IP Failover
Policy Routing
Fibre Support 24/7
Performance Guarantees
Meantime to Repair SLA 4 Hr
Class of Service (CoS) up to 4 classes Priority Queuing Best Effort
Coverage National Select Locations Select Locations
Public IP Addresses included * CIDR /29 (5 usable static IP) CIDR /29 (5 usable static IP) 2 Public Dynamic
Multi-site Private Networks ** Unlimited Private IPs Unlimited Private IPs

Technical Differences

  Skyway Dedicated Fibre Skyway Managed Pure Fibre Telus PureFibre™
MTU Size up to 9100 †† up to 9100 †† 1500
Speed up to 10 Gbps up to 940 Mbps up to 940 Mbps
Power AC/DC/Hardened AC only AC only
Hardware NID and no NID Managed Router Modem only
WAN Ports 3 active, upgradeable to 8 or more 3 active, upgradeable to 8 or more 4 (only 1 active)
Multiple IPs/MAC Address Multiple IPs per MAC address per port Multiple IPs per MAC address per port 1 IP per MAC address
CoS Preservation
Multi-site Shared VLAN
VLAN Tagging Support
VLAN Translation
Multiple EVC Capable
Dedicated UNI
UNI port options Multiple Fibre or Ethernet Single Fibre or Multiple Ethernet

† Skyway’s SLA is backed by credits for downtime.
* CIDR /29 blocks are available from Telus for $12/block. Skyway includes the first block for free, additional blocks are available for $8/block.
** Starting at $50/month per site, over our own or any other ISP’s service (including PureFibre), Skyway can provide Public or Private IPs. Private IPs protect customers from Denial of Service attacks, and are used to build Private Networks. Other Skyway add-ons available include Failover, Policy Routing and Class of Service.
†† MTU Size is 1500 for Internet-based services; up to 9100 for site-to-site using jumbo frames

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