If your Internet service is down, call Support at 604-482-1212 (1-877-771-1077 ext. 1). Otherwise, please email support@skywaywest.com for assistance and follow up with a phone call if it is urgent. We strive to answer all requests within an hour of a report depending on the request and service priorities.

Please include the following information in your email request for assistance:

1. Subject Header

Your company name followed by a brief description
(e.g., Subject: Mycompany domain name update)

2. Message Content

Please describe how we may help. For example, the problem you are experiencing and any specific error messages your applications display.

Include the type of service you need help with.
(i.e., Internet Access – ADSL, Fibre, Wireless or Dial-up,
Domain Name Hosting, Email, Web Site(s), VPN, Server Park, etc.)

Specifics applicable to your service problem or request:
– Dial-up login name
– Domain name, email address, web site address
– The browser and version you are using (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc. – on the Menu Bar choose Help, About, to find the version you are using)
– The email application and version you are using (i.e., Outlook, Eudora, Netscape, Exchange, Outlook Express – on the Menu Bar choose Help, About, to find the version you are using)
– the expanded email message headers if reporting a problem with received email.

3. Signature

your name and direct telephone number
your role/position (i.e., IT support)
company name

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