Below are the four most common reasons why email hosted by Skyway is downloaded more than once.

  1. Misplaced pointer
    • Tranmission errors
    • Corrupt message
  2. Duplicate send
  3. Forwarded email
  4. Email Aliases
1. Misplaced pointer

Our mail server sets a pointer to mark the end of the last message delivered to your mail client.

A transmission error when downloading from our mail server to your client can misplace the pointer. The misplaced pointer will cause you to receive a second copy of some messages. You may even receive a third copy if your second attempt to retrieve email fails.

A corrupted message delivered to our mail server can stop the pointer from moving forward, even if you successfully retrieved the corrupted message.

2. Duplicate send

A duplicate message can simply be because the sender accidentally sent the message twice.

3. Forwarded email

Duplicates of the same message will occur if your email account is configured to forward email to multiple addresses. For example, the original may arrive in your business acount with a copy forwarded to your home account. They will both arrive in the same inbox if the same mail client is checking both addresses.

4. Email aliases

Duplicates of the same message occur if the message is sent to your email address and one or more aliases.

Call Skyway Support (604-482-1212) if you require help determining the cause of duplicate email.

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