Once you have created your Web site, you will need to transfer your HTML documents and graphics files to Skyway West’s web server.

File Transfer Protocol’s (FTP) job is to move files from one computer to another. It doesn’t matter where the two computers are located, how they are connected, or even whether or not they use the same operating system. As long as both computers speak the FTP language and have access to the Internet, you can use FTP commands to transfer files.


Obtain FTP software
If you do not already have an FTP program installed on your computer you will have to download and install FTP software. There are a large variety of software packages for all computer platforms that will help you transfer your files. Follow these links to a small list of them:

Windows FTP Clients
Macintosh FTP Clients
Configuring Your FTP Software
Now that you have your FTP software, you need to configure it to be able to connect to our server. Each of the software clients has its own way of setting up its preferences, but each of them will require the following information to make a connection:

Host or Server Name
User Login Name
Do not specify a directory if your software asks for it. When you connect, you will automatically land in “your directory /html”, with a view of all of your current files.
Transferring Your Files
Once you are connected to your account, you may transfer files to and from your directory, make new folders or delete files. Follow the instructions that came with your FTP software to transfer files to and from your account. Remember your default page or first file in your default or root directory must be named either index.html or index.htm. Once your pages are transferred they are automatically ready to be viewed. Just type your web address into your browser and you will see your pages.

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