Our Virtual Web Site and Managed and Unmanaged Virtual Web Servers all include:

– Fedora Core 5 operating system
– Apache web server 2.0.54
– PHP 5.0.4
– FTP using vsftpd 2.0.3
– FTP user name and login for uploading web pages and files
– .htaccess file support
– Dirpass CGI, allowing the web developer to administer .htaccess and .htpasswd files, setup password protected directories and to add and remove users.
– FormMail.pl CGI, a HTML form to e-mail gateway that parses the results of any form and sends them to the specified users.
– Postfix 2.2.2 for sendmail capability
– Comprehensive Statistics – log files and Webalizer to analyze web traffic
– Domain name hosting
– Secure web access to manage DNS host names (by request)

Managed and Unmanaged Virtual Web Servers include:
– 1 static IP address
– 1 Database (MySQL 4.1.16 or PostgreSQL 8.0.8 )
– Database administration through PHPMyAdmin or PHPPgAdmin
– capability to have a SSL Certificate at https://www.yourcompany.com/

Unmanaged Virtual Web Servers include:
– Full “root” access to system
– Secure shell
– A library (libwww-perl) of Perl modules to help you implement simple HTTP servers
– Access to “Yum” package manger and freedom to install any software you desire

More About Our Web Server
Virtual web sites can share Skyways’ SSL Web Server Certificate at: https://secure.skywaywest.com/yourcompany/

Virtual web sites and managed virtual servers do not support MS Frontpage Server Extensions.

Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)
ODBC provides a standard software API method for using database management systems (DBMS). It is independent of most programming languages, database systems, and operating systems. For example, ODBC allows you to use virtually any Windows database product to connect to and manage your database, including Microsoft Access, Paradox for Windows, or custom applications developed with Visual Basic or Delphi.

With some security restrictions. ODBC can be used to connect to MySQL or PostgreSQL databases hosted by Skyway.

If you want ODBC from your Windows computer to our Postgres database, you must obtain a driver that supports it. This driver is available from http://odbc.postgresql.org/ and is installed on your Windows computer. The driver is NOT TESTED and, like any Windows Software, NOT SUPPORTED by Skyway West.

ODBC is either secured by password or RFC1413 IDENT (i.e. the remote computer guarantees that the user is who he says he is). The user must also be associated with a static IP address on our network. The ODBC connection itself is NOT SSL encrypted.

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