If your Internet service is down, call Support at 604-482-1212 (1-877-771-1077 ext. 1). Otherwise, please email support@skywaywest.com for assistance and follow up with a phone call if it is urgent. We strive to answer all requests within an hour of a report depending on the request and service priorities.

Please include the following information in your email request for assistance:

  1. Subject Header
    • Your company name followed by a brief description
      (e.g., Subject: Mycompany domain name update)
  2. Message Content
    • Please describe how we may help. For example, the problem you are experiencing and any specific error messages your applications display.
    • Include the type of service you need help with.
      (i.e., Internet Access РADSL, Fibre, Wireless or Dial-up, Domain Name Hosting, Email, Web Site(s), VPN, Server Park, etc.)
    • Specifics applicable to your service problem or request:
      • Dial-up login name
      • Domain name, email address, web site address
      • The browser and version you are using (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc. – on the Menu Bar choose Help, About, to find the version you are using)
      • The email application and version you are using (i.e., Outlook, Eudora, Netscape, Exchange, Outlook Express – on the Menu Bar choose Help, About, to find the version you are using)
      • the expanded email message headers if reporting a problem with received email.
  3. Signature
    • your name and direct telephone number
    • your role/position (i.e., IT support)
    • company name
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