Full service ISP since January 1996. Serving British Columbia, Alberta and major Canadian cities. Specializing in Business Class ADSL, Cable, Wireless and Fibre Internet access and private networking solutions. Benefit from our RELIABLE NETWORK and EXCELLENT SUPPORT.

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Gain the benefits of managed services demanded by large corporations. Download faster than a T1 (1.5 Mbps) and pay less.

Business Class ADSL priced for your business and structured to meet your growing demands. All services include real static IP addresses. Compare us to other ISP's .

Connect your Local Area Network and multiple locations to the Internet on a reliable and secure network. Combine two connections or aggregate with other technologies to increase speed, achieve redundancy. Optimize your access!

Available across Canada.

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Fibre and other Premium Internet Access Services provide guaranteed speeds, the best technical solution and highest level of support. Premium Services are symmetrical, uploading at the same speed they download. Speeds are available from 1 Mbps to 200 Mbps.

Premium Services provide a stable connection for sensitive applications like VoIP, video conferencing and virtual private networks. They have the lowest latency, jitter and packet loss, and include the service level guarantees required by corporations and enterprises.

Available in BC, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec.

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Skyway Business clients use T1 Xstream to dramatically enhance the speed and reliabiliity of their broadband connection. T1 Xstream aggregates multiple Internet access services provided by Skyway or other providers and applies compression to further accelerate upload and download speeds.

T1 Xstream combines multiple Internet connections using different IP addresses into a singe connection with  a single IP address. Inbound and outbound traffic only slows down if an individual Internet service fails. VoIP and terminal services stay connected.

Available across Canada.

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