Skyway West anti virus protection is available for email using software from ClamAV to detect and eliminate viruses before they enter your network. ClamAV is an open source (GPL) antivirus engine designed for detecting Trojans, viruses, malware and other malicious threats. It is the de facto standard for mail gateway scanning.

Incoming Email
Our anti-virus software scans ALL inbound email addressed to email @yourdomain.com and if it finds an attached virus, blocks the email from passing through.

Outbound SMTP Relay
The software scans ALL email originating from customers using Skyway West’s outbound SMTP relay service. Any email containing a virus is automatically blocked. The anti-virus scanner prevents your company or your employees spreading an infection to colleagues, suppliers, friends and family.

Key Benefits compared to other solutions

  • Faster response to virus updates compared to local solutions. Typical anti-virus solutions running on the the corporate mail site, and most certainly at the workstation, do not respond quickly enough to new virus attacks.
  • Reduce the load on local IT staff and mail servers. Save time and resources now spent keeping mail servers or individual workstations updated.
  • No maintenance windows or other downtime that may affect corporate productivity.

Ease of Implementation

  • Implementing the service requires only a simple change in DNS configuration, no anti virus software or hardware is necessary.
  • No staff training required

FREE SpamAssassin
Our anti virus protection service includes the option to use our email spam blocker SpamAssassin for FREE instead of our normal charge of $20/month/domain. (SpamAssassin is also free for customers using our Virtual Web Services.) SpamAssassin scans ALL your email and when it finds potential SPAM, prepends “*****SPAM*****” to the subject line allowing your mail client to filter *****SPAM***** to a specific mailbox. The main advantages of SpamAssassin are that it captures a higher percentage of spam than other measures and does not reject potential spam. More detailed information describing how SpamAssassin works can be found here.

Contact support@skywaywest.com if you wish to purchase anti virus protection or just SpamAssassin ($20/month/domain).

Virus Protection rates with or without SpamAssassin:
1 – 10 email accts inclusive $5.00/month per acct
1 – 25 email accts inclusive $4.50/month per acct
1 – 50 email accts inclusive $4.00/month per acct
1 – 50+ email accts inclusive $3.50/month per acct

  1. Do I receive notice of new viruses?
    No, there are so many this isn’t practical.
  2. Will scanning my email delay it?
    Not noticeably, the virus scanner delays E-mail by under two seconds.
  3. What if some E-mail accounts using our domain (e.g., @yourdomain.com) need virus protection and others do not?
    Anti virus protection is available on a domain wide or individual email account basis.
  4. Can my @skywaywest.net or @sohoskyway.net email addresses have anti virus protection?
  5. Does the virus scanner change the email in any other way?
    No, it does not change the text of the message.
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