Many mail servers block email from IP addresses used by mail servers accused of sending spam. If your mail server’s IP address is “blacklisted”, mail sent by your server will bounce back or simply disappear.

If you suspect your IP as been blacklisted, visit and enter the IP address of your mail server for a list of Blacklists which have, and have not, blacklisted your mail server IP. Please realize that some ISPs (e.g., Telus) and mail administrators maintain Blacklists that may not appear here.

If your mail server IP is blacklisted, visit the “Blacklist Name” listed at and follow their instructions for removal. In most cases it takes a couple of days to have your IP address removed from a blacklist.

It is very important that you first resolve the problem that led to your mail server being blacklisted before requesting removal from a blacklist. Otherwise, your mail server IP may reappear on a Blacklist and it may be more difficult to remove.

If you find you are having difficulty removing your IP please contact We’ll try our best to help

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