Your E-mail to our mail server was rejected because your mail server (), is listed by the Osirusoft Open Relays list. If you do not understand what an Open Relay is, see our Open Relay FAQ. You need to contact the technical staff who operate your mail server and send them to The Osirusoft Site.

We refuse mail from servers listed on this list in order to reduce the Spam our customers receive. We understand your E-mail was probably not Spam, and we apologize for disrupting your E-mail. Please understand that merely by existing as an Open Relay, your server is either actively contributing to or likely to contribute to the Spam problem of the Internet. Once your server is secured and off the Osirusoft List, you will be able to E-mail our customers again.

You might also want to see what other lists your server has been listed on. Click here to check many blocking lists.

We do not operate the Osirusoft Relays List, and we do not provide technical support for non-customers. If you do not know how to secure your server, please contact the vendor of your E-mail server software or a consultant.

If you have corrected the Open Relay problem with your mail server, send an E-mail to via your mail server.

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