High Fibre Build CostsDon’t let the worry of high Fibre build costs prevent you from making the right internet decision for your business

Skyway West’s extensive knowledge of the Fibre network and market can help mitigate construction worries and reduce Fibre build costs

Do you require the benefits of Fibre, but are frightened by the high construction costs? Fibre build costs can be very expensive, requiring municipal permits, coordination with other utilities, and frequent encounters with unplanned, unexpected (and underground!) surprises. Fibre is readily available in the downtown core in major centres, but what if you’re located outside the core and are not on-net? Because we source Fibre from multiple providers, including Telus, Allstream, Shaw and Bell, as well as many smaller established providers, there are several ways Skyway takes the fright out of Fibre build costs…

Skyway West can help my business reduce high Fibre build costs?
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  • Our providers are anxious to expand outside the downtown core. In fact, some are so anxious that they will subsidize thousands of dollars of build costs and even finance some of those costs over three or five years.
  • Fibre providers target areas like industrial parks and business corridors. We know who has targeted what area, we know the path the Fibre will take to get to that area, and we also know who is offering incentives to locations along the way, making it easy, and much less expensive, for businesses on that route to get on-net.
  • Targeted areas is one thing, targeted buildings another. There are targeted buildings that qualify for on-net pricing and $0 construction costs. Although this list of targeted buildings changes constantly depending on demand and budget, we stay on top of all our supplier’s expansion plans and share this inside information with our customers.
  • For customers ordering multiple Fibre services, Skyway often gets 100% of the build cost waived by our suppliers.

You may have checked out Fibre availability for your business within the last couple of years, and found there was nothing in your area. Facing formidable build costs, you might think you have to eliminate Fibre from consideration, but don’t give up on that Fibre connection too quickly. Since you last checked, one of our suppliers may have targeted your building or area; another might have laid Fibre cable right past you on the way to serving another location. Supplier network expansion happens all the time, and we are right on top of it. To stay up to date with Fibre expansion at your location, we advise checking in with Skyway every six months.

Skyway West can help my business reduce high Fibre build costs?
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