Add Skyway West’s Wide Area Network Expertise
to your own in-house IT Toolbox

We have been connecting LANs to the internet for twenty years and have developed an unsurpassed reputation as Wide Area Network experts. Partnering with Skyway is like adding our WAN expertise to your own IT toolbox. Our experience with Fibre networks means Skyway will always recommend and install the Fibre solution that best fits your business needs and budget, from a single internet connection to multiple locations with EVCs (Ethernet Virtual Circuits) connecting over an MPLS network. We monitor the health of your Fibre connection by pinging your service every six minutes, and can set up availability and usage alarms by email or text message. Skyway customers have complete access to network health and traffic reports through our Client Dashboard, including connection speed, jitter, packet loss and data usage.
Skyway also has expertise in all internet access technologies — ADSL, Cable, Wireless, etc. — as well as network solutions that will maximize the value of your internet connection: Failover, Bonding, Private Networking and Colocation.


Skyway West’s WAN Expertise added to my own IT Toolbox?
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Skyway West Failover
Order two different Internet access services and fail over from one to the other. Unlike other solutions, Skyway separates your traffic to take advantage of the bandwidth and attributes of each service and we deliver both inbound and outbound Failover.
Skyway West Bonded Internet
Multiply your speed and reliability by bonding internet access services provided by Skyway or other ISPs into a single connection sharing one IP address block. Critical services like VoIP and VPN remain online if one service drops.
Skyway West Virtual Hosted Services
Virtual Private Networks
Add firewall protection across all locations for just $30/month per site. Build Private Networks to block DDoS attacks and to securely share data and applications between sites and remote users. Customers choose their own private IPs.
Skyway West MPLS, Mesh and Dedicated Networks
MPLS, Mesh and Dedicated Networks
Custom build an MPLS, Mesh or Dedicated Network for site to site data. This traffic does not pass through the public internet or through Skyway’s servers, resulting in the highest level of security and performance.
Skyway West Colocation
Physical Colocation
Skyway West offers three colocation choices in Vancouver with direct connections to Skyway’s network: limited space in the 555 West Hastings Street “Meet Me Room” for those interconnecting with other ISPs, entry-level colocation at 970 Burrard and brand new state-of-the-art facilities at 1050 West Pender (Cologix).

Skyway West’s WAN Expertise added to my own IT Toolbox?
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