The Advantage of Skyway West’s Massive Serving Area

The Skyway West Serving Area is the combined size of all the major Fibre supplier's Serving AreasOur Fibre serving area is big. Really big. We source Fibre from multiple providers, including Telus, Allstream, Shaw and Bell, as well as many smaller established providers so our serving area is, in effect, the combined size of all locations served by these providers. No matter where you’re located, you can reach the Skyway network. This is particularly advantageous for businesses with multiple locations:

  • With Skyway, you can combine multiple providers and have all your locations on one network. This means your location to location communication doesn’t pass through the public Internet, which is a huge advantage for your users: inter-office traffic experiences less latency, packet loss and your confidential data is far more secure.
  • Moving a business can be a very painful IT experience especially if you must change your IP addresses or ISP. For Skyway customers, moving locations is relatively painless because we coordinate the changeover and you can retain your current IP addresses no matter where you move.
  • We are ideal for businesses with growing bandwidth or changing quality of service requirements that can only be met by changing providers. Just like when a business changes location, Skyway customers retain their IP addresses and remain on the Skyway network.
  • Our technical support people are WAN experts and we provide you one point-of-contact for all service problems.
  • We issue one invoice for all locations or individual invoices if required for inter-company charges. We make your internet users and IT department happy, but we haven’t forgotten Accounting.

If Fibre is not your best solution, Skyway meets your business needs with ADSL, Cable and Wireless internet access as well as Bonding and Failover solutions. All the advantages we’ve outlined above apply to all access technologies: your location-to-location traffic remains on the Skyway network and does not pass through the public Internet; moving or expanding business requirements is easy and you retain your IP addresses; you have one number for tech support, and your accountants are the happiest people in the office. Okay, perhaps now we’ve gone too far…

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