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Skyway West Business Internet Solutions

Skyway West Internet/Network Speedtest

We use Visualware's MyConnection Server (MCS) tests for the most accurate measurement of network quality and performance. To discuss your test results, email Skyway Support or call us at 604-482-1212.

The first time you run the test you will be asked to download and install Visualware BCS, a small client-side app enabling accurate browser testing. If you don't wish to download this app, go to our alternate speedtest page on the Skyway website.

Click on the grey button below (at top left of test panel) to start testing. Let the test run all the way through until a "Summary" tab appears on the left of the test. You will end up with six tabs: Route, Speed, VoIP, Graph, RTT and the Summary tab.

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Quick explanation of the six tabs: Route shows the number and quality (loss, latency) of the hops your data takes to reach Skyway's testing servers; Speed displays your achieved Upload and Download speeds in relation to expected results from different access technologies; VoIP simulates a VoIP call on your internet connection; the Graph tab shows four separate graphs: your achieved download and upload speeds in pie graphs (with your "effective bandwidth" in the center of each pie, and Download and Upload speeds with retransmitted bytes shown in overlay; RTT is a bar graph showing Return Trip Time consistency; and finally, the Summary tab which summarizes your test results in plain English. There are also a number of links to Visualware's site within the testing panel for further explanation of the test results.

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